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If you are struggling to find the right direction for your own business or startup, facing obstacles such as costs and orientation... Don't worry, let Salafood accompany you. With the advantage of quality products, you will have more opportunities to develop together with Sala tofu, bringing profit to yourself and the community.

With just one hundred million Vietnamese dong, you can start your entrepreneurial journey with a reputable and high-quality F&B brand. Salafood confidently becomes your companion on the path of entrepreneurship in the promising F&B industry in the Vietnamese market.

Franchise business is a business model designed for those who want to sell a product from a well-positioned brand in the market.

Currently, tofu is a dish deeply associated with childhood memories and suitable for diners of all ages. Especially Sala branded tofu. The distinctive flavor of tofu dishes at Salafood is crafted and adjusted by culinary experts to perfectly match the taste of Vietnamese people.

Despite the challenging times caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Salafood demonstrates strong growth and stability by continuously opening franchise stores nationwide, especially in the Southern and Western regions.


Sala tofu is the first industrial unit to produce tofu products from pure soybeans. Our mission is to bring forth good food, clean products, and products that are beneficial to consumers' health. With the motto "EAT VEGETARIAN, LIVE HEALTHY - FRESH EVERY DAY"

Vision until 2025: To have over 500 branches nationwide and franchise the brand to partners who share the same common goal of delivering the best products to consumers.

Vision from 2025 to 2030: To expand and franchise the brand in the international market through licensing agreements.

Advantages of Salafood Franchise

Quality, Fresh, and Affordable Ingredients

Most of the ingredients used in Salafood's production and supplied to the stores are high-quality local ingredients from Vietnam. By utilizing ingredients from local suppliers, we minimize the cost of ingredients while ensuring their freshness and cleanliness. This enables us to conveniently provide the ingredients quickly to our branches.

When partnering with Salafood, you contribute to supporting Vietnamese products and help the supplying companies to grow. One of the characteristics of the Salafood fried chicken franchise is that the company, store owners, and suppliers work together to develop the business. Our priority is to assist our store owners and suppliers in achieving profitability first, and then focus on the company's growth.

Invest in a well-established and high-quality brand image.

Salafood is operated and developed by CEO Tran Quang Huy, who has extensive experience in marketing direction and brand quality affirmation. With dedication and seriousness in business, Salafood has spread the spirit of Vietnamese folk cuisine and expanded its business scale to provinces and cities in the surrounding areas of Ho Chi Minh City, such as Long An, Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc, Nha Be, and more.

Simple Store Operation Process

Don't have experience in the restaurant and food industry?

No need to worry because Salafood's store operation process is extremely simple. With the training program provided by the company, within 3-4 days, including guidance on the procedures at the company and hands-on practice at the store, store owners can become proficient in all processes such as food processing and restaurant management.

Moreover, during the initial opening days, Salafood staff will accompany and support store owners to ensure the smooth operation of their stores.

Contact us for consultation on the franchising process of Tofu Pudding brand with a strong Vietnamese culinary identity - Become a partner with Salafood.

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